Onward, We Go

by Zach Schimpf



Includes demos of each song.


released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Art of Carrying On
choking on the low notes
a treadmill under my feet
where am I supposed to go?

magnifying the defects
breathing life into the dead
who do you think I am?

sound off the sirens
i’ve got a hole in my head
patch up my worries
and tuck me in to bed

bury the hiccups
distracting my soul
swallow the headaches
that keep me so full

pulsing through my veins
the subtlety of life
where’s it go from there?
pulsing through my veins
the subtleties of life
where do I go from there?
pumping through my veins
the subtleties of life
where do I go from here?
Track Name: Santa Cruz
we’re heading down to the ocean
the roads, they wind and wind
can you smell the water?
we’re so far away from home
the air is so calm and quiet
but, it speaks so loud to me
looking out from the shoreline
i pass my thoughts into the void

i’m heading down to the ocean
just look at me go now
the people walk the shoreline
they don’t need no place to go
Track Name: To Make Things Worse
clown across the way
smiling at my shoes
who is out of place?

resting with my dog
who is on the move
this is outer space

buzzing like a bug
a million little eyes
fighting for a face

spoiling all my words
they just rot and burn
the madness has a way
Track Name: Inhaling the Pumpkin
i’ve inhaled the pumpkin
no, there is nothing left
with hours digest
i still feel impressed

there goes the lettuce
but here I am, full
watch while I’m gone
i’ve cleared my schedule

i’d skin the peach
but the knife it walked away
i could use your advice
if only you’ll stay
Track Name: Loose
ran around
a hundred times
pulling the weight
of time to come
the day’s grasp
like lava it swims
in my blood
in my bones
at the drop of dime
my cells split in two
one for me
and one for you

aching for my soul
aching for the warmth
aching for the soul
i’m craving my soul

under my skin
the world is null
the leaks are
living and branching
who am I?
just an idea now
silent and rough
worming around
leave me your grace
i’ll split it in three
one for you
and two for me

forever I breathe
singing that tune
aching for the soul
aching for my soul

forever I breathe
singing that tune
craving my soul
Track Name: Meet Me in the Moonlight
come out and play
the time for rest has passed
so little i ask of you
meet me in the moonlight

in greedy desert air
you swallow you get
the seeds, they want to sprout
meet me in the moonlight

flipping all the switches
a combination's near
my dream's seem just as restless
you'll find me in the moonlight

what's the secret
they keep so tightly?
my foolish thoughts live on

what's the magic
they've stumbled upon?
i'll never rest easy

i'll just be waiting
come find me in the moonlight