Here & There

by Zach Schimpf



released July 24, 2015

Zach Schimpf - vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, banjo, ukelele, synthesizer



all rights reserved
Track Name: Here
here i am
next to a burning star
if i close my eyes
if i just close my eyes

i live here
a planet just for me
you say to do some good
but god, i'm weighted down

i look up
the stars stare down at me
what's between the frames
what's between the frames

here i am
next to a dying star
you say to change the world
but god, your world's small
Track Name: There
far from comfort
can't find a sign of home
but inching right along
like we're programmed to do
we share the empty space
surrounding everything
but what is common
divides us, too

home could be anywhere
but i was given one
my own bucket
my own scope
how can i get there?
what can i do?
i'll build my own spaceship
i'm coming for you