Exodus: Julsy & Zach Schimpf Split

by Zach Schimpf & Julsy



"Exodus" is a split album written by Julie Cocq (Julsy) and Zach Schimpf in 2012.
You can find Julsy's music here: julsy.bandcamp.com


released December 8, 2012

Zach Schimpf



all rights reserved
Track Name: Start Talking
spent a whole day
the other day
thinking about why
i'm thinking about you

that hurts
i'm hurt

stop thinking
start talking
Track Name: Circuit
the ground is hard again
this silly cycle
of hate and love
tears at me
and makes me think
of you and i

it's getting so cold

it's going to get warm again
but, you'll move on again
Track Name: Blind
thousand words came to dull
the glimmer in your eyes
if i could, yes i would throw out the world and its rules
i’d run a thousand miles

open up, break it out, it’ll get better if you cry
i will be there in time
i’ll live to see you shine, i’d die to see your eyes, i’ll try to bring the light

we saw it coming
the walls are tumbling
we had it coming
our heads are falling

i’ll buy you a house in the meadow where the sun will be burning
you’ll feel it warm your skin if you stand close enough to the window
you’ll learn how to see the world in a different way
not with your eyes, but with your hands, ears, nose, heart and soul

you’ll feel lost and scared at first but it won’t last
‘cause you won’t see anything but you’ll know everything’s there
you’ll perceive things better than anyone else can
‘cause there’s so many things you can dream of with your eyes closed

with time you’ll know it’s me when the door opens
and I’ll tell you the sky is blue even when it’s not
i won’t carry you to bed but I’ll kiss the pain away if you hit the nightstand
and I will stay close to you until you fall asleep
until you fall asleep