by Zach Schimpf

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released March 4, 2012

Zach Schimpf - Vocals, Lyrics, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Percussion, Synth, Production

Alex Schimpf - Lyrics, Production

Josh Hannon - Bass

Spencer McDole - Guitar, Bass

Britt Lockhart - Vocals, Lyrics, Guitar

Ryan Hoelzen - Vocals

Tommy Embrich - Drums



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Zach Schimpf St Louis, Missouri


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Track Name: Always Waiting on the Sun
I'm spending all my time
spending time
falling asleep
with the tv on
and I wake up
to a phone call
saying where have you gone
saying where have you gone

could it be
could it be
you're so far from the ocean
can't you see
can't you see
you're so far from the ocean

I'm breaking glass
to rearrange pieces
til I find someone
I recognize
well the sun came out
the other day
and I came to realize

I can see
I can see
I am going to the ocean
I've known me
oh, I am free
I am heading to the ocean

I saw you
the other day
and you looked
like you
and I liked that
oh, I miss that

I've been seeing me all along
Track Name: Lost in Black and Red
outside of my home town
where the grass goes on for miles
I sit with you and watch
this vast ocean of red
a mosquito flies up to me
and I don't care
I just keep sitting there

we thought we'd be free
outside in the misty white
and in autumn leaves
your black and red checkered sleeves
and in all the colors in your eyes
oh, I didn't care
I just kept standing there
no, I didn't care
I just kept standing there

and so the snow fell down
like the words out of our mouths
we watched them swirl around
and rest upon the floor
like flower petals or lilies in the dark
oh, why would I care
you just kept standing there
oh, I know we cared
why'd we keep standing there

I'm a silent little soul
what a crazy way to say you care
by the time our love arrived
the leaves were gone
and you went blind
escaping from yourself
Track Name: Faulty Dreaming
there you are sleeping
and I'm dreaming still awake
can't even touch you this time
but I'm always waking up
believe me
normals on vacation
let things happen
the way they should
8 days in a week now
and I still haven't been around
to see the news
where am I hiding anymore
where am I hiding anymore
slipping through sleep like a snail
toothache, sweet taste from you
I'm flaking off
someones picking again
I can only subtract so much
before the rain comes back
and washes away your smile
the color in your eyes
your eyes are so brown
when black is all I see
in my sleep
don't forget to come around sometime
before I wake up
and eat at my thoughts
like dogs chewing their toys
and I keep waiting on myself
and you're waiting all the same
for a second direction
some kind of tune to dance to
not too fast now
just enough so I can pull stars from the sky
and tell them they're not alone
and they'll say you're dreaming again
Track Name: For You
time moves so slow
and I still haven't told you how I feel
so here I go
pacing back and forth at night
thinking of the right words for you

oh, how I love you

time moves so slow
and I still haven't told you how I feel
Track Name: Walk
why don't we go outside
and take a walk
oh, come on
lets walk

I'm sick of trying to find things to do
when all these things to do
are right in front of us

can you see them
they're right there
can you touch them
you're right there
you're right there

why don't we go outside
and take a walk
oh, come on
lets walk
Track Name: No, No, No, Yes.
Track Name: Yeah, I Know
why don't you stop all of this
you know it hurts me
you know you hurt me
why can't I stop all of this
I know you hurt me
I know you hurt me
Track Name: Come Home
come back home
and try not to think about how everything could be better
Track Name: Comfortable
that tall shadow's dancin circles
round little boxes with windows
do you dream of shiny paintings hanging
just look at it
just look at it

and your dogs barking outside
but the sofa pillows just came in from Italy
when your paint bleeds from the walls
it's just another box with windows

a momentary hesitiation
a seed of a thought
but that seed couldn't grow
in that vacuum mind of yours

keep that fire strong
wrapped up in warm blankets
a warm hot chocolate in your hands
but your giving hands are frozen solid

just look at it
it's just another box with windows