Blue Pool

by Zach Schimpf



"Much of the inspiration for Blue Pool is taken from the visits to an ominous water-filled rock quarry known locally as the Blue Pool in Alton, Illinois. Zach began production after visiting the cliffs surrounding the quarry in 2013. The result is a collection of watery textures and imagery, attempting to capture the serene tone of the isolated area hidden among the trees."


released February 13, 2015

Zach Schimpf - vocals, guitar, bass, synthesizer, drums & percussion, production,
Julie Cocq (Julsy) - vocals, kalimba, harmonica, production
Caleb - bass
Spencer McDole - bass, drums
Michael Butler - guitar
Mitchel Shipton - piano
John Hams - album art



all rights reserved
Track Name: Let Your Blood Flow
old bite’s a simple chew
each year more watered down
the path’s so smoothly paved
just sit and watch me drown now

throw my shoes into the fire
laugh at how they burn so quick
always a step away
just let your blood flow

now things are thin and dry
i’m walking straight through walls
my words just fall apart
can you even make me out at all?

toss my shirt into the pool
smile at how it sinks so fast
never but two steps back
just let your blood flow

just let your blood flow
Track Name: Constants
my jealousy
it needs me
it eats me
and breathes on and on and on and on and on

my wishes
they leave me
deceive me
and move on and on and on and on and on

my problems
confuse me
and use me
they float on and on and on and on and on

my worries
their too loud
won’t die down
they dance on and on and on and on and on

my progress
is regress
it forgets
this goes on and on and on and on and on

my time
slips by me
defies me
it lives on and on and on and on and on
Track Name: Island
i’m off by myself again
i like things close to me
no need to load a gun
no need to walk a mile
volcanic voices say
this island’s new to you
where’d all the people go
where’s all the color now

the moon’s got its strength
and it knows you have more
but I’m content with wonder
i’m fine with this shore

you said you’ll do everything
i know I won’t
i know I won’t
but, that’s okay
i live in shallow water
so I can see
so I can see the sand
Track Name: The Way
it’s just the way
it’s just the way it is
it’s just the way
it’s just the way it goes
i’ll wonder

you get the way
you get the way it is
you get the way
you get the way it goes
i’ll wonder

you know the ins
you know the ins and outs
i know the ups
i know the ups and downs
i’ll try

you do things new
you do things new to you
i do things I
i do things I know how
that’s fine
Track Name: Different
i woke up today
i saw things differently
i saw things better

no, no, it didn’t cost a dime

i like things this way
when they have some bounce
when they have some bend

where’s this been all the time

i don’t want a lot
no, I don’t need perfect
i just want different

so, so, perfectly aligned

i like things this way
when they have a new speed
when they have a new feel

where’ve I’ve been all the time
Track Name: Pipe Dream Surprise
pipe dream surprise
throw up my hands
my shoes untied
new recipes are cooking

i try to peel the layers
and find that there are none
i try to find the center
but it’s all one big mess

bring me a cup of coffee
to fill my empty hands
leave me to do as I please
i’ll run and run and run
yeah, things are meant to crumble
for things to take their place
leave me to do what I want
i’ll waste the hell away

pipe dream surprise
loosen my grip
i guess I’m alive
old recipes are cooking

i go to grease the engine
and find that it’s undone
i try to find instructions
but it’s all one big mess

pipe dream surprise
fall to my knees
it has arrived
or I’ve not been looking
Track Name: Ode to Being
floating through a timeline
praying for smooth edges
warping space around us
to make room for the pain
Track Name: Hop Hollow
we were always running then
running in circles on the front lawn
and I can’t seem to let it go
yet it’s so far from me
far from me

so quiet
do you hear those old tress sleeping?
do you see those old faces even now?

too easy
don’t you miss the strangeness in your breath?
don’t you feel that danger even now?

i’m spacing out again
and my heart can’t keep from racing
mind like a faulty sliding door
to an aged vanishing mansion

so tonight
i will swim a lap around the pool
breaking the rules
breaking the rules
missing the rules
Track Name: In a Black Hole
dreaming of time forgot
i’m fast asleep in the safest spot
we just don’t want to leave
yet under so much shit that we can’t breath

filling the cracks
with a blindfold
spinning around
in a black hole

whistling to shaky tunes
while we cozy up in our cocoon
kings of the day-to-day
while the universe fades the hell away

becoming slaves
to our control
falling apart
in a black hole
drooling over
all the fool’s gold
breaking our necks
in a black hole
Track Name: One More Day
you were so far away
and where have I been today
up and down again
the sun is pouring in

rain falls on our skin
but I don’t mind
you’re going to leave again
so I don’t mind

one last time
to climb that hill
one more day
i’ll be okay

one more day
i’ll just have to wait
Track Name: Blue Pool
collect my thoughts for me
tell me what they mean
something waits to grow
that something in between

that ancient depth to you
the silent waves you hear
you sit and breathe the wind
your humble wisdom’s clear

your restless subtle cycle
it keeps you fresh and new
never one perspective
your pure perceptive blue

you welcome all of life
the jealous shade to you
you’re curious and open
your calm and cool blue